I want to get a form application up and running to collect specific data and print a ticket, the requirements are:

  1. It has a single entry form, where it collects a user details and ticket details
  2. It stores the ticket data in a datastore
  3. It needs to have tests
  4. It validates the format of the email
  5. It generates a printable ticket

Optional dependencies

  1. It needs to work as an API
  2. It needs to have authentication
  3. It needs to have a responsive UI
  4. It needs an avatar
  5. It needs to be shareable on social media

To do this in Rails:-

rails new -B tickets
cd tickets
bundle --path .bundle
bundle add rspec-rails --group "development, test"
bundle exec rails generate rspec:install

bundle exec rails g scaffold ticket event_name:string starts:datetime recipient_email:string "ticket_price:decimal{5,2}" recipient_name:string recipient_code:string recipient_postcode:string venue:string venue_postcode:string

bundle exec rake db:create db:migrate
bundle exec rails s

Change app/models/ticket.rb to read

class Ticket < ApplicationRecord
  validates_format_of :recipient_email, :with => /\A[^@\s]+@([^@\s]+\.)+[^@\s]+\z/

Change app/views/tickets/show.html.erb to read:

<p id="notice"><%= notice %></p>
<section id='ticket'>
  <div id='event-details'>

    <h1><%= @ticket.event_name %> </h1>

    <h2><%= @ticket.starts.to_s(:db) %> </h2>

    <h2><%= @ticket.venue %> </h2>

  <div id='ticket-recipient-details'>
    <strong>Ticket Price:</strong>
    <%= @ticket.ticket_price %>

    <strong>Recipeint Name:</strong>
    <%= @ticket.recipient_name %>

    <strong>Recipient code:</strong>
    <%= @ticket.recipient_code %>


<section id="web-links">
<%= link_to 'Edit', edit_ticket_path(@ticket) %> |
<%= link_to 'Back', tickets_path %>

And app/assets/stylesheets/tickets.scss to read:

@media print, screen {
#ticket {
  display: flex;
  flex-direction: row;
  border: solid 1px black;
  padding: 1em;
  align-items: center;
  justify-content: center;
  width: 550px;

  h1 { font-size: 2.5em }

  #event-details {
    flex-grow: 1;
    border-right: dotted 1px grey;
    padding: 1em;

  #ticket-recipient-details {
    flex-grow: 1;
    padding: 1em;

@media print {
  #web-links {
    display: none;

That covers off Steps 1 to 5 and gives you:

  • a database
  • a database schema
  • the code
  • the forms
  • the tests
  • the html templates
  • the web server
  • the test runner
  • A web view and a printable view of the ticket.

It’s RESTful and can be adapted to serve JSON in a very simple set of steps ( mostly just add .json to the url)

Can anybody show me the steps required to obtain the same functionality, using one of the popular frontend frameworks, as a SPA for example, for the templating side of this?