Hi I’m Steve, a web developer and consultant based in the UK. I love coding for fun and for work and to describe myself, would place myself somewhere between: a senior full stack engineer and a CTO and lately I have alternated between those roles for various clients.

Open source gave me a path to success. As a largely self taught developer I have benefited hugely from the mass of publically available technology and information available and provided by the vast and amazing community.

I have spent much of my working life contracting in startups in the UK, London and Europe, since, probably 2005. As a result, have worked in and cofounded several successful startups who have become publically listed household names or are on the way.

I help organisations realise their aims, from unboarn concept, to day to day running. With current global afflictions resulting in remote working becoming much more prevalent, I can help you structure your workflow around that as I have a lot of experience working in and organising teams in this fashion.

I spend a lot of time thinking about software entropy and how to optimise start ups for the best chance of success.

I used to code games out of editions of Input magazine that my next door neighbor had lying around, when I was a kid, and credit this experience as the only reason I am able to code today, since they only used to teach us how to draw lines in CAD on RM Nimbuses in I.T class back in the day.

I got into web development through my attempts to design custom MySpace themes (and other nefarious promotion) for bands I was in way back in the MySpace days.

I am available for contract or freelance work