I recently did a short contract focussed around web accessibility for a client. It’s an interesting field that comes under the banner of responsive design that has it’s own set of compatability issues thanks to the many different devices and proprietary platforms that vendors provide for reading web sites accessibly.


There are a multitude of different tools and several standard’s for web accessibility.

Web Sites & Blogs

The Roles Model

The aria roles taxonomy.

Accessible Culture

This is a great resource for accessibility info. Here is a useful infographic.

Accessibility APIs

Why AAPI’s Matter W3C Guidelines


Chromevox Google Talkback JAWS VoiceOver (Mac) NVDA

Validation & Checking Tools

Google Chrome - Accessibility Developer Tools

Picks up CSS Doesn’t pick up table scopes


Seems to have good coverage. I found this tool to be quite useful for checking aria.


MauvWebValidate td’s with no scope don’t get flagged



Table Scopes Support | No Support ——————— MauveWeb | | Chrome Accessibility Developer Tools | AChecker

Access Lint

Access Lint Ruby Gem

Accessibility Librarys

Platform testing

Android Studio - Google Talkback Android Emulator - install Google Play Servicces